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Mobile rhythm games.
Anyone here play music games on their phone?

I've got a few that I play on my iPhone to pass time here and there.
hey kev i had Osu! on my Samsung galaxy s2 did u think its able to hack on it ?
I had this insanly bad Spongebob rhythm game on my iPhone..
It was bad but i played it all day long in school.. i was so pro Big Grin
I dont know anything about android hacking.

Best game I've found for the iphone is Cytus.
I want to play osu on the tablet Big Grin
[Image: rAJg] [Image: rAJn]
(07-23-2012, 02:11 PM)Bikko Wrote: I want to play osu on the tablet Big Grin

Didn't you play osu with a tablet for 2 years?
Or why looked your jumps so strange? D:
You do know thats not the real Bikko... Right?
Wait.. what.. uhm.. yeeeee.. of course i knew that.. fml..
Lol, I thought users may get confused xD
Lol Big Grin
Real Bikko now in the army.
[Image: rAJg] [Image: rAJn]

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