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Greetings, i am Natz, a random osu! player who discovered this site when someone mentioned it on #osu, they got instantly silenced, but that doesn't matter much, does it?

I just wander around on this site, lurking for findings, but not downloading them, i just see, and keep going like nothing happened.

I was Restricted after i was hacking a game called Epic Battle Fantasy 4, I had CT Open, and osu! inmediately went at it, stabbed my account, and i was restricted.

I don't remember how long i have benn restricted since, but it has benn a long time.

I hope i get the chance to make friends here, and..... watch the stuff happen here? Meh, i don't really know, im probably gonna chat more, and just keep lurking around.

Good luck.
Make friends -> You can join AQN Discord:

(P.S.: I'm losing passion on osu! so I show my identity. But if you don't want to get banned, run away.)
morgna: aren't u the guy on aqn lol
nibsaretasty: "I don't use any cheat so I can't provide much tips on how to play."
BakaChocolate: shhhhh.....

Chatting is better than lurking.

Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay here.

We're (mostly) a friendly bunch, so don't hesitate to make yourself at home here. Just don't do anything stupid or you'll get the nyanbanhammer.

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