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Selling that Account
Its mine I got all informations just hit my up in ! Skype: Florriix ! Discord: Dakos#2501 I dont check my pms a lot I will see it faster or post offers in the comments Everything you need uhm that account got 200+ replays watched already and got reported 1 time like 6 Months ago but dindt got any punishment so its pretty much out of danger Big Grin
I know this account, he owns it.
yup snow found it by cracking some high quality accounts Kappa
highest offer so far 35$
Push new highest 40$ 3 days left to do an offer

Feels bad scammer.
(12-10-2016, 01:08 AM)Randesu Wrote:

Feels bad scammer.

Hes getting banned ( i think )  if this is true
[Image: 22d3159ddb.jpg]
I was sleeping m8
All solved He replied everything worked.
Use this as a reference to not suddenly disappear during a trade pls, it's hard on both ends.
- Closed

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