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Trove Multihack
So... what is included in the Trove-Multihack? I just can see it in the subscriptions, but there is no thread, so...
Tell me Big Grin
Quick copy/paste from the guide/download thread. I haven't made a sale thread yet because I'm trying to find someone that would be able to create a good text based one.

Any modifications to blocks will cause surrounding blocks to appear transparent (except for dungeon blocks and ore blocks.)

Allows you to zoom your camera in or out as far as you want. This also allows you to zoom as far out as you want on the map.

Using items, attacking, etc. will no longer dismount you from your mount/mag rider/boat.

Pulse (Speedhack)
Your movement will be scaled to a much faster movement.

No Clip
Pass through any block including ground blocks.

When active and holding a key it will aim at the nearest player/mob to where you're looking.
Okay, is there a video or sth? Big Grin
If someone wants to make a video and a thread design for it I'll gladly give them a free month on top of their current sub ;P. I've been a bit lazy and was kind of hoping I'd be able to find people in game that would spread it by word of mouth.
Are all features working now?
Everything except the zoomhack is working right now. I've been working on a different project and plan to update it soon.
Is this only for Steam version or for Glyph version, too?
(03-04-2017, 10:08 PM)MrZenArc Wrote: Is this only for Steam version or for Glyph version, too?

Trove's .exe is the same from the steam version or non steam version since the glyph version is the same.

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