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  2. Thank you for the quick reply, unfortunately it didn't work. I've completely closed Discord, Steam and even Spotify(don't remember having any other programs that could interfere), I've also closed my browser just in case and a few additional programs. I've double-checked and osu is not running in compatibility mode nor as admin. Could there be a different issue or perhaps a different program that could cause this that I'm missing?
  3. Try closing any program that could be stealing the menu. An example would be discord ingame chat UI. If that does not fix it then make sure you are not on compatibility mode in osu. After that just go to the misc in the menu (home opens it up) and disable streamer mode.
  4. Opening the GUI doesn't work, pressing the home button does nothing at all, and yes, it works fine as far as I can tell. So how can I disable streamer mode then?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Use sharpshooter. Always UD (Only reason I got banned in the first place in APEX was because I still had an Overwatch cheat running while playing Apex. BOOM Instaban because or kernel mouse driver detected by EAC)
  7. well ive done it many times and it worked, but now i use a cheat which is always undetected
  8. WTB osu!mania account (often/actively playing mania). Msg me in discord if u have Satania#9198
  9. Last week
  10. "One of the cheaters had reportedly tried several things to regain access to the game, including changing their MAC address, reformatting their drive, and partitioning the drive of the PC with no luck. One of the limited methods for players to get back into the game after being banned is reportedly to buy a new PC.", are you sure about that?
  11. volume id changer. that's it. this game's anti cheat is dogshit
  12. Oh, btw when I created this account, I didn't use VPN. But it still works now. Is that fine?
  13. Source: https://amp.hothardware.com/news/apex-legends-pc-hardware-ban @Kev can you possibly make an hardware unbaning program on apex like the same as osu?
  14. I sold a rank ~900 account for $50 a while back. Yeah I sold it for cheaper because I was in a rush, but I don't think a 5 digit account is worth $60+.
  15. Well, I have a question. My PC has been banned for a long time. And today I purchased dejavu. Fortunately, it works for me to register a new bancho account. And then I will not use the other account anymore, and will this account be banned again if I don't use vpn?
  16. Btw feel free to offer since I don't know that much in prices.
  17. I don't know about the price but friend told me I can go to 60-70$.
  18. Selling my 5 digit STD osu account 🙂
  19. If possible could there be a option for combo numbers added to enlighten?
  20. Earlier
  22. Looking to buy an Italian flagged osu account. Discord : Loss#7201 Willing to pay via Paypal, higher playcount/hours played I will pay more but lets discuss it via discord or here. thx! 😄
  23. Press the home key and scroll down to the misc tab then toggle the streamer mode option. Pressing home again will now open the normal menu, navigate to the misc tab and disable 'Hide Button On Close' if you want to be able to click the button to open the menu in the future. As a note it tells you the home key toggle when you first hover over the streamer mode - you might want to read the tool tips before toggling things in the future.
  24. I'm pretty dumb and don't know how to disable streamer mode or bring up the GUI can someone tell me how to pls thx <3
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