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  2. 2digit account Give offers. Detailed info for those who ask.
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  5. cheat isnt working for me somehow anymore.

  6. people keep saying that he's reworking the cheat he's just trying to keep all info to himself idk
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  8. utilizing the Aquila currently



  9. Detected, rumoi seems to be working on detection fix, customer service is actually pleasant.
  10. dont buy detected and shit customer care lol
  11. 99.99% this is Milan who scams people. Dont buy lol. He told me when he tried scamming me. he uses the same shitty english.
  12. looking to just use the aim assist feature to improve a few scores. just wondering if the cheat is detected or not
  13. It doesn’t make sense if this is so .. because there are people who use it on private servers
  14. Probably on purpose, might be available again once it's not detected on bancho (?)
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