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    > A python script that provides a Discord Rich Presence description for osu! but it's AQN. Very simple to use, please refer to github for more information AquilaRP-win32-1.0.0.exe
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    Can you make sure you have legacy mode turned off and that you have the 'compatibility mode' turned off inside the osu settings. You should be absolutely fine with that kind of ar modification, cs override is a non legacy mode specific option that visually changes the circle size.
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    I dont think we have this option, it would be a pretty cool thing though. I could actually play taiko this way, fuck taiko.
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    Motherboard, just use aqn dejavu its not worth it buying new parts to get banned again lol
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    If you say you're an offline player, you have to prove it; if you say you've played on Ripple, you have to prove it. They can ban you out of suspicion because eight out of the ten times, they're right. You also know very well that you're breaking the rules, so you really can't complain if you get banned or not. It iz what it izz.
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    +1 on this and +1 on Fluffy's Comment - Hit error bar - Show spectators.
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    HI browsin the aquila Forums
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    i love you so much
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