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    It's that time of year again. Will be handled much the same as the last. Acquire the tokens and send me a pm with what lifetime options you would like. I will deduct your tokens accordingly. Relax, Timewarp, Enlighten, Mania, Taiko - 70 USD (8000 tokens) Each Replay Editor - 100 USD (12000 tokens) Master - 175 USD (21000 tokens)
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    It must be at least 3 years old, I prefer low playcount and playtime(blank is the best choice). Accept only full access(email+account) Gonna pay 5$ Discord: thebruhmeme#0242
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    SOLD PH flag early 2018 registration Account isn't cracked 20$
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    He said in previous post, that he's going to look into it as soon as he finish reworking UI
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    1-2 days (max 1 week) 70% sure
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    Last time it was in mid-December, so it should be near to Christmas period
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    Price: 11 dollars Discord: thebruhmeme#0242
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    Price: 7$ Discord: thebruhmeme#6969
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    dm me in discord, there we can discuss it
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    Good day, so my suggestion is that you have an option to press spinners manually because the relaxbot responds faster to tap the spinner than you (the player) actually react with spinning. Its suspicious when it happens more often
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    intensively dropping acc/get 100s instead of pressing Lctrl/Ralt for long, because that would hits 300s/200s too and then 100s it will make the score bar looks sus/fishy, people can easily figure it out if one's cheating when notice that score bar so adding this feature seems like a good idea like pressing Lalt for intensively gets early hits, and Rctrl is for intensively gets late hits i dont think if its really good idea, but im sure it will help to make the bot more legitimate and also cool
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    So, idk if anyone has already suggested these things but here I go My master subscription ended 2 days ago and I have a couple of things that I've noticed on relax. First, the spinner. With relax on, it clicks the spinner as soon as it appears and most of the times, it's faster than we can react. In my opinion there should be a delay option or a disable spinners option, because it's a bit sketchy that we tap the spinner before we start spinning. Another thing that I've noticed is the tapping itself. Correct me if im wrong but, the taps that relax does are almost instantaneous and it seems a bit sketchy imo. Naturally, when you play legit, you do hold the key a bit longer, notice it or not, and relax just taps to quickly. If you guys could add it, the tapping should be a bit longer or at least make it more random somehow. Sorry if there were any grammar errors, not english xd
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