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    So the timewarp before the recent update the timewarp had a timer counting down for the No Spectator Buffer and it would send the informatioon to the spectators like for example a short DT map there would be a 30sec count down or for a longer map a 100sec count down so with the new update it just has an indictor in the top left of the screen to replace that timer i guess but i dont really get how it works, like if i enable timewarp and put it too 0.5 or something and load a map sometimes the indicator loads instantly then disappears and at other times it loads slowly until the map is over then it finishes loading and disappears so its confusing to know when its sending the information to the spectators, i personally liked the old timer ;/
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    The problem with this is that people can check your failed scores aswell in the recent plays by using an extension on chrome, so they'll see that you have restarted that map over and over and over again at the almost exact same score with the same keypresses and all.
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    After discussing it with Kev a bit this morning we've decided we would like to expand to other games and expand our community. The affiliate rank is a rank that will allow users to sell their cheats/services, as well as have their thread stickied, for the price of $15. This does not allow the sale of other osu cheats, though the sale of accounts will still be allowed as normal. If you would like to purchase the affiliate rank you may do so by getting in contact with Kev of myself.