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  1. Just dm Rumoi on discord
  2. You create it once you inject aqn into osu :o
  3. In the menu, go to the miscellaneous tab and select streamer mode.
  4. I don’t think it’s worth to charge for a normally sped up liveplay. I could fake liveplays with replay edits, and I’d still do it for free.
  5. I don't think he's doing this anymore lol
  6. I'll do this for free
  7. Since a lot of people were asking for this, I decided to release all of these NordVPN accounts for you guys. I know that some of their subscriptions have ended and I know that a few of them might not work; however, there are more than enough that still work. All you need to do is to download the .txt file, open it up, and find a NordVPN account that works for you. AQN_Nord_Vpns.txt
  8. Hi Devli. If you still need vpns, I have a couple txt files with 70 cracked accts for Nord vpn in each. Just @ me in the discord (@Klirikzzz) and I’ll dm you the list.
  9. I mean it's a given that in the future the anticheat will be better developed in terms of detecting cheats (it will get better over time), but I don't think they'll be able to detect submitted .dll files due to how this detection system hasn't been implemented during the game's 12 years of running. What I mean is there could be scarce banwaves that would detect aqn, like, let's say... once a year. The following will probably never happen. The following will probably never happen. The following will probably never happen. The following will probably never happen. If a form of .dll detection comes to light on bancho, every newest version would be at risk of detection. This means that if a year passes and 8 updates are made, the 8th update will be the detected update. Assuming that none of these updates are minor (they change major features of tools), people who update to the 8th version would be at risk of being restricted. This is what I meant when I said you should take a weekly/monthly break from using the cheat once a year. It's really all risk, but this is a major, major worst case scenario that will probably never happen (since Rumoi would probably just make different versions of the .dll for every user/randomly generate each file). In the case that the injector gets detected (once again will probably never happen), the cheat could become a usb type cheat or something I don't know probably will never happen. There are tons of ways to bypass stuff like this. I don't actually know too much about aqn's loader (like if each tool has its own .dll or if they're just downloaded in separate parts), so I won't talk about this too much. The loader won't be a problem though. Overall, I was just saying that there could be a time when another minor detection happens sometime in the distant future that you should prepare for. That's the only risk with using aqn tbh (unless you set stupid yomi yori fc's). This isn't something you should worry about at all because it just won't happen any time soon. Even the last banwave was partial, so just take caution and don't do anything blatant when using any of the cheats. Don't forget that anticheats improve cheats and cheats improve anticheats.
  10. Idk if these are all premium but here you go Pornhub.txt
  11. 1. Bancho won't log your aqn scores as aqn hasn't been .dll detected (which osu can't do). (Only ways you can get banned are from misusing the tools and/or setting blatant plays. Blatant plays include: top 50's on a map as a high 5digit - 6digit (setting a top 50 is key for you to get some watched replays), more than 100pp on a new multiaccount (< a month old) (many 6 digits don't even get up to 75 pp during their first month playing) (using the replay editor and getting an FC on yomi yori as a 6 digit will look legit but will be considered blatant for obvious reasons), and the rest should be common sense. 2. Depends on what using it properly means. You've pretty much set a barrier for yourself with this question making us assume that you'll use the tool perfectly (if you do use it perfectly, yes, timewarp is completely safe. Once again, just use common sense when setting plays using the timewarp tool. 3. Osu bans IP's and HWID's. You can change your IP address by using a vpn (ipvanish, nord vpn, etc.) or resetting your router (if not static). Concerning the HWID bans, whenever you buy any aqn tool, you receive an option to use a product called "dejavu" in the miscellaneous tab (once again, the tab appears when you purchase any aqn tool). Dejavu serves as an HWID spoofer, so you'll be able to multiaccount while being banned (check the forums for tutorials on how to multiaccount to stay undetected). Log out of the osu! website and clear cache just to stay safe (when you verify a multi account and stay logged into your banned/main account, that multi is gonna get locked right away). 4. Most of the programs were reworked by Rumoi. Pretty much, they've never been detected. Concerning the recent banwave, this only occurred because the bancho client was scanning for sounds upon injection. (Aqn made a chime sound whenever it injected unless you were in streamermode. If you had streamermode enabled, you didn't get detected.) Concerning the undetectability/future of the tools, I don't think they're going to stay undetected for a while. In the worst case scenario (very unlikely), the recent banwave was meant to cut down on a few aqn members (adding that inject sound is just asking to get detected tbh). I'm sure that if you're smart, you'll stay undetected (if aqn hasn't been detected in a while, just stop using it for a bit lol). Stay safe !!
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    I want I want
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