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  1. Kotonami


    still for sell
  2. Kotonami


    still sell
  3. +rep Nice trader

  4. sold and +rep fast trade, not had a problem dealing with him.
  5. ok so did it have std rank? how many pp around?
  6. I have received enough accounts and have stopped buying. Of course, if you still have China/Taiwan/HongKong/Macao account, you can continue to sell it to me dont lock this plz i accept a price below 70USD/500CNY/800HKD. Accept these payments: BTC(or other cryptocurrencies) Paypal transfer Alipay Wechat Pay China UnionPay or Local bank transfer Looking for: PC(playcount) must >10k played As long as you have an account with 2500pp and more than 6 digits. BP(bestplay) above 150 or about 150 L E G I T if flag China/Taiwan/HongKong/Macao, ill increase the price If your account is crack(Phishing, Brute), you can halve the price and sell it to me. feel free to pm me anytime you want, or also you can pm me the ppl who selling the accs. ofcuz, if u dont get reply, i might be asleep. im at UTC+8. I know its really bigbrain time, but I need it badly
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