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  1. Found the issue. Regardless of disaling my AV, it automatically quarantined the files included in /local/ for Timewarp to work. Fixed now. 🙂
  2. Both haven't worked for me, regardless what I do timewarp doesn't come up on the menu, only Enlighten.
  3. Yeah, I still have this issue with Timewarp though. Only Enlighten works for me. (Or actually injects)
  4. nyx1

    Fake a LivePlay

    Relax but disable your keypress or just press 2 different keys and act is if you're playing - I think is what you're getting at.
  5. nyx1


    Already added as an exception to Malwarebytes inc. the .dll file, no luck on Timewarp, so I'll just play without. 🙂 Appreciate the replies. ❤️
  6. nyx1


    Alright, so that issue fixed somehow, not sure what I did but tadaa. Timewarp doesn't inject anymore tho.
  7. nyx1


    Checked my AV's, nothing there - everytime I open AQN Loader, it just dissapears. Any idea?
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