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  1. Latter refers the to second of two things. In this case, it would be the "look good playing easy mod" situation.
  2. Imo it's probably best used if you are a high ranked player playing AR 9+ DT maps or want to look good playing EZ mod. It would be easy to catch you using the cheat with the latter though.
  3. -Cursor size selector. The current cursor is a little too large for my personal tastes, and might be too small for others. -Cursor color selector. -Combo numbers on the circles. Makes it easier to keep track of where I am imo. -Cut out a small section of the overlay in the bottom right corner for the ability to see frame rate, and possibly volume. As a streamer, it is a little weird when I instinctively change my volume but can see how much I changed it by. -Option to enable a play field border. -Option to manually set a key bind to open the cheat menu. I would prefer alt + x personally. The home key is next to insert, and it makes me accidentally minimize osu occasionally. That is my feedback after 2 days of use. I'll add more ideas if I can think of more. The cheat has been working awesome, and I've had very little issues with it.
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