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  1. Lmao haha Its still on cutting edge Well, even rumoi still working on supporting random mods now Im not sure if he want to add this mirror feature.
  2. just bought acc from this guy about a while ago,
    reasonable price, and he pay a fees too.
    very smoothly and fast.

  3. no, its not possible also, if u want request it to rumo, forget it then.
  4. questions if i have an account made in like 9y old ago, but 0 playcount/time/etc (aka blank account) should i still follow these steps? First day : 40pp Second day : 80pp etc
  5. I always left room when host put random mod too, or i'll play legit if i can handle it. Well, i hope rumo will take look into it soon :<<
  6. Oh idk, I've tried register account on VM, doesn't get restricted after 7 month or more. But, when my main account has restricted, this VM account get restricted also (actually disabled). So, I would assume that my VM account has detected. You can try it btw, maybe at that time my luck was bad. And i think if your main account not restricted, your VM account should be fine.
  7. Oh fururu, I know the nickname in osu btw. :3 Actually you can't multi acc on VM, because your disk uid is still same than your own main computer.
  8. I uninstall my client with revo, so this is removed previous setting, score, and etc. Yup, this is treu. 😭
  9. Main account = registered normally. 2nd account = registered with dejavu. I'll try make another account again for experiment, and keep updating this thread. :3
  10. Unfortunately, no. (2) My vpn service is 1 ip for 1 person, so when it's used no one can use it again except me Tbh i register with same country as my main account (and my country lived xD), but different city, state and network provider/isp. I think my luck is bad, but i can't explain why he still detected my main account after all.
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