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  1. with which cheat you streamed?
  2. Remember where spinner is in the map and before spinner disable relax with RightCTRL and when you start spinning re-enable
  3. If you don't want to mess with video editing: When i used to play cs go i heard about semi-pro players cheating with a "pendrive" called "rubberducky". I don't remember how exactly it worked and i'm too lazy to do research so you need to make it on your own. You woud have to write simple script so it opens the cheat everytime you plug it in or launch the pc. Also you smh need to get rid of visuals like AQN's loader etc.
  4. @RealXavier36029 Lol you are so smart to hide your email details but actually show the exact date and time when this appeal was sent.
  5. uhhh i wouldn't be surprised if you already have been spotted by some retards, and they are just waiting for you to make more plays and then report you or already reported you. If i were you i would stop with setting up new top scores and just keep grinding some 70/80/90pp plays for 15/20 days. But it's me not you. In 2014 i kept retrying one map for 740 times on purpose to then set my new top play, so yeah i'm very very careful with building up liability of my account etc.
  6. it's safe if you do not have obvious connections to your osu account, etc. For example if you have linked your steam id or discord tag on your osu profile or steam profile you should ofcourse remove it
  7. i have seen on the tutorial video by rumoi on yt that he has cursor and notes in his replay editor but they are not showing up in my case. Only thing i can see is showed on attached file. I still can use it but it's pretty hard when for example i don't know if this is single circle or slider.
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