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  1. uhhh i wouldn't be surprised if you already have been spotted by some retards, and they are just waiting for you to make more plays and then report you or already reported you. If i were you i would stop with setting up new top scores and just keep grinding some 70/80/90pp plays for 15/20 days. But it's me not you. In 2014 i kept retrying one map for 740 times on purpose to then set my new top play, so yeah i'm very very careful with building up liability of my account etc.
  2. it's safe if you do not have obvious connections to your osu account, etc. For example if you have linked your steam id or discord tag on your osu profile or steam profile you should ofcourse remove it
  3. i have seen on the tutorial video by rumoi on yt that he has cursor and notes in his replay editor but they are not showing up in my case. Only thing i can see is showed on attached file. I still can use it but it's pretty hard when for example i don't know if this is single circle or slider.
  4. ej podaj discorda xd
  5. Hey, i have 2 questions about cheat and one optional about my current situation: 1. Is it really a thing cheating on main account without vpn, spoofer or something? How far did you went on main account with cheats? (ranking/pp etc.) 2. What is the limit of using timewarp to not make it blatant? *3. I played on a free cheat on self-made alt account (used one of the vpn in mozilla addon store while registering) and got banned. I launched a spoofer to generate random hwid, mac address and uninstallid before logging into client. And here is question for you guys - Is there a chance that they knew my real ip and hwid and banned me also on main account? I tried logging into my main acc and it's all fine working but just in case it's not delayed ban or something else...
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