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  1. delete my account please, i no longer want to be a customer here. i already have charged back my money via paypal so i also shouldnt have access to the stuff i bought.

    if you do not accept this request and/or wont react accordingly, im afraid i have to sue due to you not working by the regulations within my country which you have to obey as you serve customers from this country. this means, delete all data you obtained through me or by tracking my usage. you have 14 working days.

  2. Enlighten AR changes are only working in streamer mode for me, whats wrong?

  3. a setting to disable this custom overlay would be enough then, btw can someone tell me where to patch HD and FL with the current version? EDIT: i just realized that because the overlay is there the actual game doesnt get patched...need that
  4. Is there a way to play just like the old enlighten used to be? I just want to open the programm to edit AR whenever im changing between DT and Nomod. I cant play with the new "skin" im forced to use. Basically: I completely hate the new design? Its complicated to use, i dont even know where to patch HD and FL and whenever im trying to play its restarting the map once or twice for no reason? I paid for this for over a year already now and i certainly am not willing to use this programm in such a way if i cant even use my own skin anymore. I just want to patch and play, im not here for injecting in a complicated way while also not even being able to use my own settings.
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