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  1. Akkord


    Lol what the hell, good job dude 😄
  2. Akkord

    Selling an Steam account 81 Games

    That doesn't make any sense. Why would you sell that account for 10$ when the games alone are worth over 200$?
  3. Akkord

    Aim Assist work with tablet?

    Oh wait was there an update on it because it definitely didn't move at all last time I used it, it just invisibly hit all the circles.
  4. Akkord

    Aim Assist work with tablet?

    Not really since it's not assisting anything, it's automatic.
  5. Akkord

    Aim Assist work with tablet?

    But that's not Aim assist 😮
  6. Akkord

    Aim Assist work with tablet?

    Wait wot did it get added again? I can't see anything in the menus.
  7. Akkord

    How to download and not get banned/restricted?

    Download the Aquila loader and you will find the option to inject it there. You won't get banned for simply using it, just don't make blatant replays and you will be fine.
  8. Akkord

    Different profiles

    lol I never realized that the ur scales with dt, nice job 😄 Edit: ur is the same on dt and nomod so I don't really understand what scales?
  9. Could this be a thing? For me it makes sense to have more consistent ur's on singletap parts than on streamy parts. Would be cool if it could be an option to separate the unstable ranges for these two.
  10. Akkord

    Enlighten suggestion

    I'm assuming it's not working because you are using legacy ar and hd changer, you cannot do that. You have to use the skin that comes with enlighten to not see it in obs, then it will work as intended.
  11. @undertaker33 Yeah you have to buy tokens and then you use the tokens to buy a subscription 😉

    Btw why did you guys stop upating the changelog? It was nice seeing what exactly changes in every update 🙂

  12. Akkord

    Single tapping too fast

    Lol I'm actually so glad this change happened because it looks exactly how I tap legit, funny that you would call it blatant xD
  13. Akkord

    Regarding the new enlighten.

    When I change ar I don't go from ar4 to ar10 lul. It's small differences like ar 9.5 to 9.8 etc... it's more than enough to make a difference.
  14. Akkord

    Regarding the new enlighten.

    Yeah actually I've played with it for like an hour now and it works fine now but it definitely didn't feel like it at first 😄 Hacking on stream is fine if you only use HD remover and sometimes AR changer as I do.
  15. Akkord

    Regarding the new enlighten.

    But the ar and hd aren't stream proof when using legacy :<