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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure there is a variation in spinner clicks that scales with the UR settings.
  2. Never use auto if you don't want to get banned.
  3. Not sure I can believe the part about false restriction because some of my friends have been falsely restricted and it has been solved in less than 24 hours every time.
  4. Personally I have no experience with ban / restriction so I wouldn't know but I've seen plenty of people getting unbanned in less than a year after cheating so is it really that hard?
  5. Wait and appeal or multiaccount using VPN and deja vu.
  6. 1 year old account with cheated plays hmm... It's not worth anywhere near 50$ imo.
  7. Well it's not "exact". If you for example play a 200bpm stream map and you have max stream bpm at 195 chances are that you will SS all streams any ways, just try putting it even lower and see how that goes.
  8. Akkord

    Fake a LivePlay

    The "best" way would be to let someone else do the liveplay for you, one who actually can play the game.
  9. I dunno man maybe you should try finding some settings yourself? It's insanely fucking easy you know.
  10. Akkord

    How long?

    Doing 300pp plays after 3 -4 months of registration will most likely give you a ban in the near future :^)
  11. Well either you're smart and you tell them (to most likely shorten the ban sentence) or someone will look at your plays and determine when something started to seem off. At leas that's how I guess they do it since rollbacks are very common.
  12. If you get caught cheating you will be able to make an appeal in six months (or was it three?) to apologize for what you did etc... and your account will be rolled back to before you cheated. BUT it's not a 100% chance you will get unrestricted right after you submit an appeal. Being PERMANENTLY banned is very rare I'd say, it might just take a long time before you're allowed back to the ranks.
  13. Akkord

    doubt hack

    It works... You go to the store and you buy tokens which you later use to buy the actual cheats.
  14. Akkord

    osu! offline?

    With the replay eidtor you can choose any replay and edit it the way you want and then replay it how many times you want. For example you could have a 1 miss run on a map and you can edit the replay to remove that miss, aka moving your cursor to the circle that you missed and then you can load that edited replay and play it online and submit it.
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