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  2. Pretty funny, unless it's not supposed to be a joke.
  3. I said "to programs", I reported 2 bugs that should be fixed, and a suggestion that should be considered - even if it means adding an option on the side to enter an amount.
  4. If you want to talk about reasons purely based on advantage, then I mention osu!catch in which lower AR (for me at least - who has been playing osu!catch for years) is much easier than high AR. Wouldn't it be possible to do something where you're just able to (next to the slider) have an input box which sets the AR you want? I've made few suggestions and reported bugs but nothing has had any impact on the programs, when in reality all of the things are valid and should get addressed to make the program itself better and more universal for everyone to use, not just focus on the majority, t
  5. Just like we can set it to AR11 (for practice?) I believe that setting lower than AR5 is an extremely fun thing to do + it was possible in old Enlighten, and I'm more for having fun using cheats than anything else - so I think it's a bit unnecessary to restrict us like this...
  6. Could we be allowed to lower it past AR5 in Enlighten? It really helps on plenty of maps and adds a nice reading challenge + in osu!catch it's much more relaxing to play than higher approach rate!
  7. Lycoris

    Loot Box

    Aww, some customization options for name such as color or similar would be nice too.
  8. Lycoris

    Loot Box

    I just put to give idea of drop chances but I can fix so it doesn't mess with OCD.
  9. Lycoris

    Loot Box

    We need more fun things to use Aquila Tokens on, so the idea: The Aquila Box - 250 Tokens Roll: 100 Tokens - 48% 250 Tokens - 26% 500 Tokens - 14% 1000 Tokens - 8% 1500 Tokens - 4% This is a serious suggestion - in order to provide users with more ways of spending and having fun using their Tokens.
  10. Lycoris


    It's better if you just play yourself and get it up there with different maps, or you could just buy an account - it is also an option.
  11. It is now sold! Please close the thread.
  12. Still for sale ❤️
  13. It is fine I don't mind <3 I see it differently and for me this price is fine! Worst-case scenario is that it wont get sold fast or at all which is still preferred over lowering the price for me.
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