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  1. Lycoris

    9 y/o osu! account

    It is now sold! Please close the thread.
  2. Lycoris

    9 y/o osu! account

    Still for sale ❤️
  3. Lycoris

    9 y/o osu! account

    It is fine I don't mind <3 I see it differently and for me this price is fine! Worst-case scenario is that it wont get sold fast or at all which is still preferred over lowering the price for me.
  4. Lycoris

    9 y/o osu! account

    No, this is fine. Buyer can just play and get to some rank and then sell for much more profit with soon 10 y/o account + rank that they got.
  5. Lycoris

    Free 30 Days ExpressVPN Subscription

    Seems they removed this, sorry.
  6. Lycoris

    9 y/o osu! account

    This price is completely fine in my opinion, when the account is sold I will update the thread. Still for sale.
  7. Lycoris

    9 y/o osu! account

    Did you read the post? How did you skip over my Discord. It is such a small post... you can see it already.
  8. Lycoris

    9 y/o osu! account

    Still for sale, bump. This is correct - I'm selling it for $50, and no... account is not stolen.
  9. Lycoris

    9 y/o osu! account

    Joined: March 2009. Performance Points: ~1,100 (#12,000 osu!catch) ~1,100 (#240,000 osu!standard) Total Play Time: ~50h (osu!catch) ~3,500 (play count) ~30h (osu!standard) ~1,800 (play count) No cheats used. If you're interested or have any questions, contact me on Discord: Nikki#1234 Price: $50 PayPal Status: Sold
  10. This is not valid anymore, expired.
  11. Lycoris

    How to multi-account

    -highest PP score- meaning in the first 24 hours of account creation highest pp score you can have is up to 40, otherwise you get restricted, in the 24 hours after that (day 2) you can set a 76pp score for example without being restricted (so up to 80pp per play). But again do not do it like this because if you set this high of a score on day 2 people will report you for multi-accounting. It's just a limit for getting automatically restricted.
  12. Lycoris

    How to multi-account

    Each day you can get a highest PP score of that amount. First day: 40pp Second Day: 80pp Third Day: 120pp And it will do this until 1500pp - so 37-38 days later. This does not mean you should get this amount of pp that day, because then people can tell you it is a multi-account (play slow like thread says for some weeks).
  13. Lycoris

    Selling one account

    It is now sold, please close the thread. +rep for the seller, no problems.
  14. Lycoris

    High playcount/hours/pp and low user IDs

    Mhmm sure. Quicker then me? You mean; you saying that we have to do the trade tomorrow and that you are going to sleep, and then when I wake up somehow you already sold the account? Well damn someone must've made such a good offer that you got out of bed right away to sell it, instead selling them (as if this person exists) a different account and then making more money by selling 2 accounts, because clearly it's what you care about considering you're making these statements even though I was myself rushing you to trade, wanting this particular account, not to mention you never asked if I would offer more, you're just assuming? That's funny. I also asked you to add us to a 3 way conversation with rumoi - which you also didn't do, and just skipped over that part of my sentence acting like I didn't make this request. I wanted to buy an account, you did everything that a scammer would do in this situation, and didn't deliver anything. So just deal with bad criticism because that's all you're getting from me, seeing as it's the only impression you left. I'm just warning others because from my point of view (and what you offered me) you're clearly a scammer.
  15. Lycoris

    High playcount/hours/pp and low user IDs

    Do NOT trade with this person, what he is doing is acting like he is selling accounts to other people - and is just showing "proof" of other Discord accounts he make to give +rep to himself, and "completed" PayPal payments that only show date and amount - no info whatsoever (inspect page > edit > profit) He refuses to use PayPal regular payment for no reason even though they add buyer and seller protection for virtual items. He says like he uses middleman but he does not actually. And the account that I wanted to buy then magically he "sold" the next day even though I ask for it first. Clear scammer, stay away. Just because I didn't send him payment through family/friends and went first (he says many people did this, yeah right - go first and just send payment that you cant refund to someone with a new account and no rep...) he cancel the deal for that account I wanted and then just stop responding to messages after. Pretty funny.