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  1. waddup


    I think you have to ask Kev about that, just make a new support ticket and ask there.
  2. waddup

    Aim Assist

    I think he meant like aim assist that isn't blatant
  3. Imagine charging money for thing you're not even good at
  4. peppy has nothing, it's just a replay comparer that trafis and some other people made and called it AnTiChEaT. It's basically useless, just more automatic than previous ones.
  5. If you don't change HWID, you will be banned instantly after logging on banned HWID, if you want to be unbanned just use dejavu, and if you have static ip, use vpn as well.
  6. Leave everything as it is and only change unstable range but it still depends on your rank and maps you are playing.
  7. I would recommend contacting kev or rumoi on discord.
  8. He asked about doing 300pp plays without getting auto restricted
  9. I think that each day increases your "maximum pp" by 24pp so the first day's maximum pp i 24, then 48, 72 and so on, so i would wait 2 weeks for safety because im not 100% sure about these values
  10. If you mean aim correction, then no, it's not legit and don't use it on bancho.
  11. waddup


    Why don't just buy everything
  12. You can ask anything via support tab on the site.
  13. Cool update, and as @JustWantedToBeGood said, you should really update your changelog so people would know what's changes, but anyways, really cool update.
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