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  1. settings are usually saved automatically iirc, changing unstable rate will effect your UR which you can see at the bar in the bottom (I recommend to find a setting that looks simialar to legitimate players at you rank)
  2. I did some analyzing my self, I'm still trying to figure what kind of dark magic you use.
  3. azr8 could be cheating, he's insanely consistent so the best bet would be he's a not too shit player that uses rpr (which is the thing most people do without getting banned unless they do stupid shit like copying someones replay)
  4. ye it's not that fun to set up but basically, if set up correctly it is literally the same as a discord server
  5. a function that lets you decide to have atleast x 100's (not including 100's from missaim etc.) would be good so you don't just consistently SS everything even tho u want to keep UR low
  6. https://rocket.chat/ might wanna look into this
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