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  1. rumoi

    Private Server and Bancho

  2. rumoi

    Can i change my sub too

    Okay but in the future you should really use the support que to ask for such requests.
  3. rumoi

    Switching cheats?

    I have changed our sub.
  4. rumoi

    Play time boost

  5. rumoi

    Play time boost

    It has already been done for like over a month. It is fully working it is just currently not being sold.
  6. rumoi

    bancho authentication failed

    Either you have not changed all your HWID, are using a vpn that is bad or are typing your username/pass wrong.
  7. rumoi

    Master Package

    You get every program listed on the site. It lasts for 30 days.
  8. The only things you need to touch are the unstable range and max BPM stream. For low start maps I would guess ~195 max bpm stream would be more then enough. The unstable range would depend on the OD, Try messing around with values around 15.
  9. rumoi

    Alternative mode

    Lower the alternation bpm.
  10. rumoi

    Lifetime Subs of 2018

    It would depend on how old your sub is I guess.
  11. rumoi

    Cannot find LIBEAY32.dll

    I sent a link inside the launcher download page. https://theaquila.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=78
  12. rumoi

    Bongo cat

  13. rumoi

    relax keys pressing down too mechanical?

    It is based off the max bpm stream. You are also most likely objectively wrong and falling into confirmation bias. I have closely compared the average players press lengths relative to their max bpm streaming and average press lengths. If you still think I am wrong feel free to send me some replays of what you consider to be average and what you consider to be 'mechanical' and I will look at the actual objective numbers not subjective feel.
  14. rumoi

    MID error when applying profile?

    Hey. Did you install any other applications in between the computer restart?
  15. rumoi


    Except it does. You expect a paid program to let you download the launcher when you have no subs?
  16. rumoi

    Is replay editor hard to use?

    Depends on how you plan to use it. The designed way? Really easy once you learn to use the aim fixer (m3) and the smooth aim generator ( shift + s) to your advantage. Taking minimal effort and time to edit your scores with mis aims / improving acc with the auto acc fixer. The un designed way? It is still possible and relatively easy to grasp what you have to do but you will have to be willing to invest time into edits if you put in a 50% acc replay.
  17. rumoi

    Do you get banned perm if you cheat?

    It is three months now. Getting unbanned in general was made a lot easier because the system before was gross.
  18. So you want me to make it press off the note so you miss then? or would you prefer it to press the nano second your cursor goes on the note causing a pixel perfect rim hit? Yeah nah. If you really think it is an error (literally everyone other person can press ctrl and alt and it works) then send me a replay. Saying text means literally nothing to me.
  19. He most likely has his unstable range super low to the point where it is still not pressing early enough. Or his aim is super slow or some shit. The previous ctrl looked so fucking weird how anyone would ever want that back is beyond me.
  20. rumoi

    Enable/Disable Hotkey

    Press home.
  21. rumoi

    Enable/Disable Hotkey

    It already has a built in way for it not to hit 'impossible' parts. Just make sure your max bpm stream is not set to something retarded. You can also disable/enable the relax playback on stream with the streamer mode. But in general you should not really be disabling and enabling it as it would be pretty fucking weird to suddenly press like utter shit.
  22. rumoi

    doubt hack

    Depends on how you want to cheat. Relax auto clicks for you. Timewarp will slow/speed up the game. Enlighten changes the ar / removes hidden / flash light The replay editor can be used to edit (and play) replays.
  23. rumoi

    giv me cheat