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  1. I have merged your subs into a master subscription. Enjoy.
  2. rumoi


    All of them. For timewarp you will need to keep the delta quite low. Just make sure to start a single single player map once and let it do its restarts.
  3. Hey the login server is up and running fine. Another user had an issue where it would not load properly because they were using a non admin user account on their computer. Are you by any chance in the same boat?
  4. Hey you can find enlighten in the 'new' loader which can be found here. https://theaquila.net/index.php?/announcement/2-click-here-to-download-loader/ But you do not appear to have an active sub.
  5. Was asleep and just woke up. For some reason the servers firewall keeps blocking the ports used for login. One second fix but can not do it while sleeping. You might need to restart both your osu and your launcher for it to fully work.
  6. Has to do with spectators and no buffer.
  7. One and two are the same question both of which are currently you will be fine. Osu does IP ban but it seems to only be for very severe cases. It was undetected for 3 years (since I started working on it) but got detected for a little bit for certain settings just over 2 months ago. I check mostly every osu update so it should not be an issue.
  8. My timewarp is objectively impossible to detect in any replay analyzer and has been since its creation. The bans were unrelated.
  9. rumoi

    Relax hack

    You can press ctrl to press earlier and alt to press later. This can make you hit 100's.
  10. I will look into better management of the suggestion system. I know I am pretty tight ass when it comes to features that have a genuine use case but could be abused wrong - Trust me I know people will think they are being coy but in reality it makes them more suspicious. I guess it would be akin to having an electrical outlet next to a bathtub. If you are careful you can make some toast while bathing but if you don't understand the dangerous you can become the toast. Never knew that forum existed. I have been using this for the changelogs http://theaquila.net/changelog.txt I will update the changelog in the next program update.
  11. @rumoi Can you add something that has already been stated why it is not going to happen?
  12. rumoi

    wts accounts

    Just thought I would put here that dejavu profiles can be transferred over with the new dejavu - Just pm me if anyone needs it.
  13. Currently enlighten works on standard and CTB. When I get more time to work I could add Taiko/Mania. The cool thing about Taiko is that I could use the streamer mode to make it easily look and play like a 4K mania map.
  14. If you fail to get your original account back you wont be objectively detected if you have a new computer and different IP. But keep in mind you have to play like actual trash for quite a while to re integrate into the community. You have to play under 10 pp scores and the such just like a real new player.
  15. Hey if you were banned 2 years ago I would recommend just owning up to what you did and going for the unban. As long as you say the truth and do not try to do anything sneaky they should unban you.
  16. It is being updated soon.
  17. I was in bed. Its fixed now.
  18. Pretty sure he knows. Think he just got unlucky gamer tbh.
  19. There is currently no free programs.
  20. Did you forget to apply a vpn?
  21. Try closing any program that could be stealing the menu. An example would be discord ingame chat UI. If that does not fix it then make sure you are not on compatibility mode in osu. After that just go to the misc in the menu (home opens it up) and disable streamer mode.
  22. Press the home key and scroll down to the misc tab then toggle the streamer mode option. Pressing home again will now open the normal menu, navigate to the misc tab and disable 'Hide Button On Close' if you want to be able to click the button to open the menu in the future. As a note it tells you the home key toggle when you first hover over the streamer mode - you might want to read the tool tips before toggling things in the future.
  23. Can you give me your osu account username in private? I just looked through the osu clients (stable and cutting edge) and nothing was out of the ordinary. Legacy hidden is old code from 2013 but still seemed like nothing was wrong with it.
  24. I already had this about a year ago. There is just not enough mania players for it to be worth while to add a time expensive (to polish) feature that barely anyone will use.
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