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  1. Try closing any program that could be stealing the menu. An example would be discord ingame chat UI. If that does not fix it then make sure you are not on compatibility mode in osu. After that just go to the misc in the menu (home opens it up) and disable streamer mode.
  2. Press the home key and scroll down to the misc tab then toggle the streamer mode option. Pressing home again will now open the normal menu, navigate to the misc tab and disable 'Hide Button On Close' if you want to be able to click the button to open the menu in the future. As a note it tells you the home key toggle when you first hover over the streamer mode - you might want to read the tool tips before toggling things in the future.
  3. Can you give me your osu account username in private? I just looked through the osu clients (stable and cutting edge) and nothing was out of the ordinary. Legacy hidden is old code from 2013 but still seemed like nothing was wrong with it.
  4. I already had this about a year ago. There is just not enough mania players for it to be worth while to add a time expensive (to polish) feature that barely anyone will use.
  5. You will need the replay editor for that. Conversely you can disable 'Disable Osu Error Reporting' under the misc tab, but I would recommend enabling it again once the update is pushed (it was half a line change just need kev to actually push onto the server)
  6. All that is simply happening is a score filter (previous debug one) always procs if you do not have the score filter turned on.
  7. >waits 18 hours for update to be pushed >has literally one line of debug score filter >goes to bed "OMG AQN DETECTED??"
  8. Yes you will have to apply your profile each time. You do not have to logout each time if you disable save password in your cfg.
  9. You should add me on discord to discuss then rumoi#4306
  10. Only available for people willing to spend a bit for it, also only doing lifetime subs of it.
  11. Did you restart your osu? If that fails try doing a quick pc restart.
  12. Restart your osu's and try again.
  13. Need more information than this. Even a video could help.
  14. AQN can run on windows 7 it was one broken version of windows 7 that did not work - updating your windows 7 SP can fix it.
  15. So it did help? Because you are not getting the missing dll error anymore?
  16. Literally has the link right next to the loader download. https://theaquila.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=78
  17. Should be completely safe.
  18. Nothing that I can see in cutting edge. *Edit:* did a more in deep check and everything is fine.
  19. It disables osus error reporting. It is on by default because I think it would be best to have it on.
  20. Just checked the fix was reverted by accident 🦀 will be re fixed soon.
  21. Hey. Don't feel bad about being a 'dummy' anyone can get out of that as long as they are willing to read.
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