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  1. Paypal does not work and i dont got crypto. It could be helpful since stripe can be linked directly with a credit card (im pretty sure).
  2. hello, well first, in my opinion, the relax cheat should have some "random" 50's. Most of my plays with relax that have low acc have like 150 100's but 2 50's, so it does look a bit fishy. depending on the ur, there should be more or less 50's and perhaps a "random 50's" option, because maybe you dont want em. Another thing rumoi should add is a bindable relax toggle key. Although you can toggle it on and off, maybe someone would prefer to turn it on in certain parts of the map buttt, since rctrl is a pretty uncorfomtable key to reach if you play with let's say z and x, its almost imposible to do that, + i think that shouldnt be thaat hard to addd} A little thing you could add is like a stamina bar. For example, lets say you set your rx max stream bpm to 230 bpm and you put a deathstream 220 bpm map, relax is going to nail that map, but having no fingerlocks or slowdowns just doesnt seem right imo, then the "stamina bar" should come in. It's would be an option that you would put the max amount of seconds or minutes that relax works fluently, and after that, it should start finger locking and slowing down due to low stamina. You could also make it so when youre in a less dense part or a break, your stamina bar goes up. and yea thats about it p good cheat
  3. onomato


    idk in what category this fits in but, is there going to be osu!lazer support in the future? rn it injects but when i press home it doesnt work
  4. there are combo numbers in enlighten
  5. So, idk if anyone has already suggested these things but here I go My master subscription ended 2 days ago and I have a couple of things that I've noticed on relax. First, the spinner. With relax on, it clicks the spinner as soon as it appears and most of the times, it's faster than we can react. In my opinion there should be a delay option or a disable spinners option, because it's a bit sketchy that we tap the spinner before we start spinning. Another thing that I've noticed is the tapping itself. Correct me if im wrong but, the taps that relax does are almost instantaneous and it seems a bit sketchy imo. Naturally, when you play legit, you do hold the key a bit longer, notice it or not, and relax just taps to quickly. If you guys could add it, the tapping should be a bit longer or at least make it more random somehow. Sorry if there were any grammar errors, not english xd
  6. Hello, i didn't know in what category this exactly fit in but i just wanted to ask, what does the bar that constantly is filled with green mean? and what does the countdown at the beggining of the song mean? thx xoxo
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