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  1. Been using the program for several years and first time I've consistently experienced the same issue that every time I run AQN and load up the cheats. It stays in "loading..." and had a few cases where it said "(cheat name) Downloaded" but never shows up in osu! Not sure if it's because of the the newest udpate on osu! that was just pushed. Just wondering if anyone had anymore knowledge on this, or if I'm the only one still experiencing this issue. Or if this is the official death of AQN?
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    Sent you a friend request on Discord @Girl As Zerken#xx50
  3. Is Relax able to added with more playstyles? Currently There is only 1 main one, and im sure if you mess with the settings you could get Alt. But are we also able to get things such as Mouse Only? And Tap X (M1+K2)?
  4. Holy Fuck this update is legit Amazing holy fuck.... Literally Mind Blown right now!
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    Only Dying? Request help only when you're actually dead. Please, and Thank you.
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