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  1. Deallly


    ya much better, i didnt wanna pressure you into lowering your prices either if you felt that way.
  2. Deallly


    this might just be me but the prices are a bit wack when selling small amounts to bulk prices should go: a bit expensive for smaller amounts > cheaper for bulk amounts this might just be me but i can understand that 7 entire days of playtime might take time
  3. ProtonVPN is a pretty good one out there, last time i used it i just kept making new accounts on ProtonVPN for the free premium trial.
  4. i really do love the aqn community 🙂

    D0tQax6WoAAEa29 (1).jpg

  5. your hdd and hwid is most likely banned, the easiest method to avoid getting banned on new accounts/creating accounts is to use dejavu and a vpn that works i tried avoiding bans without dejavu and its just too much work in my opinion so just use dejavu xd
  6. i wanna rape my dog

    1. Liaaam


      That's fucked up

  7. peppy basically cant do anything to the aqn programs, just dont do something retarded to get accused of cheating
  8. Deallly

    Bongo cat

    bango cot will prevail
  9. Too bad i dont have 170 dollars
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