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  1. I cant say i've done that but i have accidentally logged into a multi with my real ip a couple of times but did not get a restriction, my router with dynamic ips saved my ass
  2. You can log into a multi with the same computer as your main but you must have a VPN on at all times just to be safe. I've logged into multiple multis with the same computer on the website and none of them are banned.
  3. none of the cheats on AQN are detected if thats whats you are asking, im just saying from personal experience relax may not be the best choice when you want to cheat unnoticed. If you feel confident while using relax then use it to your hearts extent.
  4. Your best bet to cheating and not getting banned is to use timewarp or replay editor, i dont suggest using relax. Do not go all out and gain a gazillion ranks in one day as there are random 5 digits that look through each and everyone hoping to find a suspicious profile.
  5. yall selling stolen accounts or what
  6. I mean, at least 10 other people has requested this but it sounds like a somewhat decent idea. rumoi will decide what he wants to add to relax though.
  7. aslong as they do not get recovered lol
  8. Deallly


    ya much better, i didnt wanna pressure you into lowering your prices either if you felt that way.
  9. Deallly


    this might just be me but the prices are a bit wack when selling small amounts to bulk prices should go: a bit expensive for smaller amounts > cheaper for bulk amounts this might just be me but i can understand that 7 entire days of playtime might take time
  10. ProtonVPN is a pretty good one out there, last time i used it i just kept making new accounts on ProtonVPN for the free premium trial.
  11. i really do love the aqn community 🙂

    D0tQax6WoAAEa29 (1).jpg

  12. your hdd and hwid is most likely banned, the easiest method to avoid getting banned on new accounts/creating accounts is to use dejavu and a vpn that works i tried avoiding bans without dejavu and its just too much work in my opinion so just use dejavu xd
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