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  1. Hellsing

    Multiaccount question

    They get flagged, which then bassicly means ur gunna cop a ban if someone inspects you or whatever.
  2. Hellsing

    Sharing of cheats

    No we don't allow this. Sorry.
  3. Hellsing

    Discord is back.

    I re-made the Discord, if it gets deleted we will most likely not keep making more. Let's see how it goes, to join simply go to: https://theaquila.net/index.php?/forum/55-discord/
  4. Hellsing

    What's poppin

  5. Hellsing


    Closing 🙂
  6. Hellsing

    No previous sub

    Add me on Discord zXg#4941 I'll forward on your information.
  7. Hellsing

    My overall settings

    Nice information my man, glad to see ur lasting long af without reddit no life inspector gadget kids catching you aha.
  8. Hellsing

    aim assist?

    There is a rewrite going on at the moment which will include a new relax AND new aim assist.
  9. Hellsing

    old enlighten?

    Use those to toggle the old AR / HD patch. 🙂
  10. Hellsing

    old enlighten?

    I don't get how people say it's ugly, it's very easy to use, not bad at all.
  11. Hellsing

    Did the auto bot get taken down?

    Has 2 modes, blatant and silent. Both are very obvious and should only be used for fun. Do not use if you value ur account.
  12. Hellsing

    relax mode

    Any of the aimbot modes right now are extremely obvious, just use relax as is I suggest.
  13. Hellsing

    No previous sub

    Hey Contact @Kev with valid payment proof etc and I'm sure he'll help.
  14. Hellsing

    9 y/o osu! account

    Personally, I think you might need to adjust price, it's not really worth it. But good luck anyways. Maybe you've sold it already 🙂