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  1. Hey, I think this means your connection is timing out to the server while retrieving it. Try mobile data, does the same occur? Edit: tried it myself, it seems there is an issue with the server where the cheats are located.
  2. They get flagged, which then bassicly means ur gunna cop a ban if someone inspects you or whatever.
  3. No we don't allow this. Sorry.
  4. I re-made the Discord, if it gets deleted we will most likely not keep making more. Let's see how it goes, to join simply go to: https://theaquila.net/index.php?/forum/55-discord/
  5. Add me on Discord zXg#4941 I'll forward on your information.
  6. Nice information my man, glad to see ur lasting long af without reddit no life inspector gadget kids catching you aha.
  7. There is a rewrite going on at the moment which will include a new relax AND new aim assist.
  8. Use those to toggle the old AR / HD patch. 🙂
  9. I don't get how people say it's ugly, it's very easy to use, not bad at all.
  10. Has 2 modes, blatant and silent. Both are very obvious and should only be used for fun. Do not use if you value ur account.
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