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  1. Probably on purpose, might be available again once it's not detected on bancho (?)
  2. No, I only said Bancho, it's safe to use on others servers
  3. Alternate BPM = 1 and relax will full alt
  4. Yes it includes Replay Bot but I wouldn't buy it right now if you want to use it on Bancho server
  5. He's afk and doesn't say anything so people don't leak shit out most likely. Probably rewriting everything
  6. You save the edited replay by pressing "F" key and the file ( .rumoi format, you can't open it outside the game, you can only Load the file and Play/Edit it) will appear in the Replays folder When I have nothing to do with my life I start editing my plays, and save them so I can play them later in the future.
  7. someone was working on it but I'm not sure how that is going
  8. I think you can't login both at the same time and Everytime you swap with your friend you'll have to wait for 24 hours Other than that I think there's no problem on doing that I guess
  9. Unstable rate 9~10 and the rest is up to you honestly
  10. If you're planning to buy relax and enlighten I advice you to buy Master sub. It comes with all the cheats and it's 25$ I think
  11. some cookiezi skin, deleted all of them yesterday :(
  12. Yes you can use it in multiplayer but people will wait for you to finish the map. Don't use retarded values and on long maps
  13. I wonder if making something like this is possible @rumoi Might not work for every resolution but yeah idk
  14. It's basically the most op cheat out there not gonna lie
  15. With our Replay Editor you can Edit replays and Play them as well, that's what I meant. You just have to edit the replay, start a map and it plays for you. You literally just edit the replay You don't even have to be on your computer, with Perfect mode it will autoretry and the bot will keep playing until you stop
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