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  1. JustWantedToBeGood

    how is it?

    You should make your Unstable Rate higher if you don't wanna get people suspecting about you
  2. JustWantedToBeGood

    Playtime booster

    Well of course playing the maps yourself is the best solution but if the account is brand new this is a good method to use since i highly doubt someone will check your account or specatate you
  3. JustWantedToBeGood

    Playtime booster

    Someone told this already and I think it's pretty nice, but you should do this with various maps and not only one so people won't see you with 999999999 plays on a certain map Play a map, edit the first notes to 300 and when you get 10k score edit the next note to get a 100 Then use Perfect mode and use replay player with that edited replay (10k score + "100" note), that way it will auto retry every time you get that hundred and still count the play
  4. JustWantedToBeGood

    Is replay editor hard to use?

    easy to get used to it
  5. JustWantedToBeGood

    doubt hack

    You should buy more 10$ worth of tokens and buy the Master subscription. It has ALL the cheats and you could try them all. Then when you're more familiar with each hack you should know what to buy next month.
  6. JustWantedToBeGood

    Top 50 in osu!

    No u f word
  7. JustWantedToBeGood

    Top 50 in osu!

  8. JustWantedToBeGood

    Just me freaking out

    I have more than 5k replays watched by others and not a single osu!report post in 2 years so you should be okay as long as you don't fuck up
  9. JustWantedToBeGood

    Secondary click for spinners

    rumoi will probably think this is a useless feature so yeah just deal with it
  10. JustWantedToBeGood

    Just me freaking out

    You shouldn't share your account or accounts here.
  11. JustWantedToBeGood

    8ball on aqn

  12. JustWantedToBeGood

    Couple questions before pucharse

    1) I mean if the guy was really using relax it wasn't AQN's relax. cuz it looks pretty legit on streams unless your using +15 unstable rate 2) I think it still hasn't mouse only. But it has tap+x mode Random tip: I can say I know how cheats work and our relax is pretty good as long as your aim can follow the map properly. Don't play maps with relax that you cant really aim cuz it will look weird af.
  13. JustWantedToBeGood

    Replay Stealer

    You can like submit scores offline and edit them with our replay editor then go online and play the edited replay with the same program. This way no one will ever caught you with the same replay as someone else.
  14. JustWantedToBeGood


  15. JustWantedToBeGood


    btw after creating the account with vpn you stop using vpn and just login normally (should use dejavu tho)