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  1. I think you can't login both at the same time and Everytime you swap with your friend you'll have to wait for 24 hours Other than that I think there's no problem on doing that I guess
  2. Unstable rate 9~10 and the rest is up to you honestly
  3. If you're planning to buy relax and enlighten I advice you to buy Master sub. It comes with all the cheats and it's 25$ I think
  4. some cookiezi skin, deleted all of them yesterday :(
  5. Yes you can use it in multiplayer but people will wait for you to finish the map. Don't use retarded values and on long maps
  6. I wonder if making something like this is possible @rumoi Might not work for every resolution but yeah idk
  7. It's basically the most op cheat out there not gonna lie
  8. With our Replay Editor you can Edit replays and Play them as well, that's what I meant. You just have to edit the replay, start a map and it plays for you. You literally just edit the replay You don't even have to be on your computer, with Perfect mode it will autoretry and the bot will keep playing until you stop
  9. You JustWantedToBeGood

    1. JustWantedToBeGood


      but ImActuallyBad

  10. Do you have replay editor? If yes that could be easy. Set a score, edit that score and make so it's SS until the first 10000 score, then edit the next note so it is a 100/50/miss hit Play that map with Perfect mode, it will auto retry when you get the 100/50/miss hit and it will count as a play because you got 10000 score. Note: Do that for different maps, don't spam everytime the same map otherwise it will be sus when people check your play history. rumoi is making a "playcount increaser" but I have no idea when it's coming out so doing what I said is probably the best method right now, just make sure no one starts spectating you and you'll be fine
  11. You should use a VPN to create your account, after that you'll probably be alright if you login without vpn But i'm not really sure since I never got banned so I didn't have to deal with that shit. Just saying what I heard I think osu only checks the IP when you're creating an account, that's why I said that you should use a VPN, I think it doesn't check the IP when you login so you don't really need a VPN after creating the account.
  12. i mean if you play a 8* map and just get 10pp out of it you wont get banned
  13. https://i.imgur.com/h6NBuup.png Changing this setting will affect the UR you get on the maps you play, if you set a lower value you'll get lower UR (which is not that legit for your rank) I'm saying that you should set a value that will make you get 150~200UR because you are low rank atm Just fuck around with the values and test them offline, when you get results that you're satisfied with you're ready to play online
  14. i hope you dont plan on FCing 6* maps already with that amount of pp but yeah you should go with something like 15 Unstable Range for now and as you're climbing up you can lower slowly Jump maps you can lower the UR a lil bit since it's easier to follow the rhythm but if it's a stream map or something like that get your UR higher. Just try to get something that gets you 150+ UR since you're 2k pp Other than that you can fuck around with the settings. Just dont turn on "Correction" or something that says "(Blatant)" cuz yeah... It will get you eventually banned if you submit scores with it enabled.
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