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  1. Vouching for my man, everything worked out perfectly, even if there have been some difficulties in the beginning. got full access to the account with his help as well.
  2. @rumoi what do you think about this?
  3. please add an option to select a certain Accuracy ( ex. 99.2% ) because Relax currently will alwasy get an ss when setup to get around 75 to 90 UR on most maps including OD10. also before someone says: just press CTRL or ALT to force 100's. this does not always work ( it depends on the OD ) and is also imho really inconvenient, especially for people who stream or something. also for the love of god. please add a Toggle Keybind. it's really annoying sometimes when you're playing multi and you just have to get up and leave for a minute but maybe don't wanna leave the multi lobby
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