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  1. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Same problem here. Cant inject relax, the program says "Loading..." for about 30 seconds and then closes. e: Actually i think there might be something wrong with my game, i had 24k beatmaps now it says i only have ~2k. Going to process my beatmaps and see if that'll fix it. 2nd e: Didnt work, i just think that the cheat is down temporarily and we just need to be patient
  3. ok so after this update my game has just been crashing every time i inject. i've made sure that i'm not in compatability mode and i even took my game out of fullscreen and switched to stable and it still crashes. it was fine before the update. do i need to redownload the loader?
  4. how did the old aim assist work and will there be an aim assist in the coming months?
  5. I tried to inject today and my game dropped to 5 fps. I've never had this issue before and i'm only using timewarp. Is this happening due to the most recent update of osu? The fps drop is consistent and pretty much forces me to close osu.
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