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  1. Oh, I thought you made the anticheat there tbh.
  2. Swoosh


    Heya! I'm a trashy 8k pp player! Considering I'm above average (I mean, rank 1k is hopefully above average lol) at osu!, I'm willing to just do some liveplays for people. You can send me your overlay if you want that on there too lol. I'm happy to do $2 for any liveplay under 5 minutes, if it's under a minute I can do it for free lol, and if it's over 5 minutes it'll be 2 dollars per 5 minutes after. Hmu: Butter#6061 on discord
  3. Don't use it in Akatsuki though lmaoo
  4. vruh moment buying bagged milk hmu 

    1. Klirikzzz


      I gotchu. Organic or..?

    2. Swoosh


      right out of the cow

    3. Klirikzzz
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