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  1. ItsHardPvP


    yeah play offline is a good option
  2. ItsHardPvP

    Hey guys how epic is this website

    we are epic gamers
  3. ItsHardPvP

    doubt hack

    no , with the tokens you can buy the relax (or other cheats) You need to have tokens to buy cheats.
  4. ItsHardPvP

    Suggestion for streamer mode

    Well , now when stream mod is enable , the gui is streamable , and we can change settings etc..
  5. ItsHardPvP

    WTB account 3/4K pp 1y old

    I did.
  6. ItsHardPvP

    Suggestion for streamer mode

  7. ItsHardPvP

    My overall settings

    "The only thing I don't about AQN's..." you meaned "The only thing I don't like about AQN's..." ? btw i agree with everythings and my settings are basically the sames but i use 10-13 for nomods for streams maps , it looks more legit for me
  8. ItsHardPvP

    Regarding Discord

    Any Update about the discord or ?
  9. ItsHardPvP


    I miss livestreaming too
  10. ItsHardPvP

    French thread

    C'est bien triste.
  11. ItsHardPvP

    WTB account 3/4K pp 1y old

    As the title say it I want to buy an osu account with 3/4K pp and 1y old no cheat used you can tell me the price and contact me at my discord : Waichiro#9446
  12. ItsHardPvP

    old enlighten?

    Yeah this is sad
  13. ItsHardPvP

    French thread

    Je crois bien oui.
  14. ItsHardPvP

    osu anticheat

    I'm 99% sure it's not true , but still , wait a admin reply
  15. ItsHardPvP


    I don't think this is possible but maybe 🤷‍♂️