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  1. Have you tried the new "low" mode for aim assist? It's a LOT smoother, there's very few instances that could be considered "sketch" in my opinion.
  2. Added You can 100% feel it, but in-game you can't actively see it, I don't know if there's something wrong with my in-game and tablet settings or something, but if your aim is bad like mine it can become that mess ngl
  3. I don't know what "blasts off" means, I need to be able to understand how exactly it's cheated, and what exactly are used in each play, I can bump the reward up to 50$ if that means screenshots and gifs
  4. I was like: "why does this have 9 replies all of a sudden" lol. I'm not sure what "shoots off every note" means, does the velocity suddenly shift? Does the cursor go towards the center everytime then blast off in speed for the next note even in streams? Can you provide a few screenshots / gifs of a few key moments maybe? Also, I guarantee you that I speak the truth, one or more of these are actually legit, not all of them are cheated, not all of them are legit either.
  5. Hello all, I've come to you guys in an attempt to find out whether or not theaquila's cheats are truly "undetectable" in the right person's hands. Attached below are the replay files of some plays that a player has done, your job is to figure out what cheat was used in which, and provide ample proof to support your claim. Think of it as this player being suspected of cheating, and you're about to bust their ass. The first person to get all of them correct will receive 30$ via Bitcoin or PayPal. Simply reply to this thread with your proof, or shoot me a PM if you don't wan
  6. Holy. Fucking. SHIT. This is game-changing lmao. Absolutely have to try this out, but it'll probably ruin my legit consistency LOL. Worth it though. Thanks Rumoi!! You're a god.
  7. Interested. How much you gonna sell for?
  8. Can't add on Discord. How much do you want for this?
  9. Yes, you can make a new account if you have a new pc, they won't be able to find out. I recommend you still use a VPN though.
  10. If you're 11k you shouldn't be playing HDDT 6*+ lol
  11. Silent is already blatant. If you use a long cursortrail, it's immediately visible. Also, it has a keypress time of 1 ms.
  12. Actually, afaik Relax currently disabled manual input if it's active, so no double clicks.
  13. Danggg that's cool. Now that I'm here, can you look into making Relax work with the Relax mod? It currently just presses on sliders, and skips notes entirely.
  14. Yeah that always happens if you don't have osu open when you load the cheat. You need to have the osu window focused when it loads, otherwise it just does that.
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