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  1. You may better off be trying to possibly purchase an older account have a steady rate of song playing (pattern of playing songs for ex. constant playing of 4-5 stars for a few weeks) I've been doing this for a while and still haven't had the ban hammer. also maybe try to play something legit to back up your account, for example I play CTB legit and have a fairly decent rank too.
  2. I think since in the past (2015-2016) I was around the current rank I am now so no one questions it, plus I play CTB a lot without cheats so I guess it makes my profile look more legit being 10-15k in CTB, other than that I am surprised no one has questioned me considering I gained well over 50k ranks in 3 days.
  3. 5 year old account still not banned after using relax and mostly have 97-99% on most scores.
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