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  1. If you've been restricted, and you know very well that your restriction case is about you cheating, then you have to consult osu!support about it; explain in thorough details on how/why you did it, and give them a reason to remove your restriction. If we're talking about your osu!client being locked, you can find a program on MPGH to unlock it for you.
  2. Yeah. Be sure to buy from credible sellers, and don't be afraid to ask credible sellers to be your middleman; I'm sure they'll be okay with it.
  3. If you say you're an offline player, you have to prove it; if you say you've played on Ripple, you have to prove it. They can ban you out of suspicion because eight out of the ten times, they're right. You also know very well that you're breaking the rules, so you really can't complain if you get banned or not. It iz what it izz.
  4. yes yes pay me $1337 dollars and i can help you get good girls with ur ochinchin ehehehehhhhhehehehh
  5. Deremo


    Relax Features include, -Control over unstable rate -Option to alternate if over a certain amount of BPM, or you perfect alt like Bubbleman -Max BPM Stream which allows you to not over stream once a certain amount of BPM has been reached -Direction Prediction which allows relax to play along with your rhythm -Wait Late which gives people with slower aim an edge -RCTRL Playback which allows you to enable/disable relax at any point during a map -Press Style which has options of varying playstyles -Blatant Settings which offers, well, blatant settings (I wouldn't recommend touching this at all if you're trying to hide cheats) --- It was semi-detected at some point because of a jingle upon injection, but there's no need to worry about that anymore; although uncertain, I'm very positive the cheat won't be detected for a very long while. --- If you're using relax settings that correlate with your skill level, it shouldn't be blatant at all. --- I spent a good seven minutes for you; I hope this gave you more insight on what the relax cheat has to offer.
  6. Deremo


    What's up, dude-o?
  7. 1. Use VPN 2. Open up osu! 2.5. I would definitely recommend you leave "Remember Username", and "Remember Password" unchecked no matter what, and at all costs. 3. Pick a slot from 0-50 (If you've loaded up a slot for an account, you have to use another slot for a different account. If I did SLOT 0 for one account, I can't use that slot for another account.) 4. Press update Dejavu and you'll receive big text saying that slot was loaded. (I would recommend doing auto load if you're only using one account for a while.) 5. Log into osu! and you're ready to go! ------- You have to do this every time if you're on Bancho.
  8. Deremo


    hi, no more need for account
  9. You can, but that's not at all a good idea...
  10. You can use a different one every time, but it'd look pretty weird when you're playing in America, and then playing in Canada a few hours later. You should be okay though.
  11. Deremo

    Help please

    Iirc, there's no option for auto-cursor movement. Though there might be something you can do in the Relax tab, under Blatant Options.
  12. Deremo

    replay editor

    My answer might not be the best since I've never had this issue, but run osu!, let it run for a good seven seconds, run the AQN loader, select subscription, and then press "load." It seems like you ran it as normal, but I don't know. Maybe you have a funky AV; try excluding AQN in your AV??? Hopefully someone has a better answer.
  13. Do whatever the hell you want offline. No one cares until you bring it online.
  14. Since it's never happened to me, I'm not certain about my answer, but I think you're okay since your account "technically" wasn't connected to BanchoBot.
  15. It is highly recommended to multi-account with VPN and Dejavu at all times. You'll need a sub (any sub) in order to use Dejavu since it's in the Misc tab. If you don't want to keep paying every single month, then you can wait until December and Early January to buy lifetime subs (they are pretty pricey, but it's worth it if you play osu! a lot.)
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