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  1. Never link pictures and links to the account (you’re asking for it to get banned)
  2. I’m just clarifying for him that he won’t be faking the liveplay/stream. He’s gonna play legit on your account with dejavu and stream it.
  3. Yeah but I’ve been seeing a lot of suggestions for mania/taiko recently compared to standard cheats. The reason why not many people use taiko/mania bots is because their rep as cheats is pretty low. If the concept exists though in pretty good form I don’t see a reason to leave it unfinished and unusable (a lot of people say maniac is really obvious, and I personally know the taikobot is pretty obvious in how it plays).
  4. If there are cheats made specifically for mania and taiko why would you not want to improve them so people would use them?
  5. If you don’t use the streamer mode menu there’s (or at least was) an option to either submit the score or stop it from submitting after every play. It crashed a lot of people so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was removed.
  6. dumbass

  7. bump tell your friends
  8. don't need to do that
  9. bruh


    70kpc should go for more than 60 bucks
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