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  1. buying either a usa or canada account pm me through site or on discord hhhhhhh#0914
  2. No dude. There are free aqn cracks out there. The only reason people don’t use them on Bancho is because “it’s not up to pace with detections.” Since this shit is detected rn there’s literally no reason to buy it.
  3. there's free alternatives that work and don't require detection bypasses for private servers lol
  4. Why would you pay money to cheat on akatsuki
  5. bruh


    https://twitter.com/ppy/status/1297424675417362433?s=20 everyone banned during the previous banwave https://twitter.com/ppy/status/1294221977989689344?s=20 all 2-3 digits banned during the banwave prior to the previous don't buy the cheat
  6. don't buy anything the cheat is detected
  7. idk why you're telling me that like I don't know that but that is all obsolete as the cheat is fully detected rn
  8. Got detected last year 2019, more before rumoi joined, etc
  9. no other cheats and won't be getting fixed any time soon (the dev is absolutely awful)
  10. Don’t buy anything the cheat is detected... stop buying it so rumoi actually fixes it 😄
  11. If they can’t spell standard, don’t trust them
  12. The cheat is detected why would you buy it
  13. You clearly didn’t read the linked article
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