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  1. No you can't because the account which was found and reported on osu report was not an account you had access to. I've spoken to the original owner about it. You find accounts and don't blur out any info because you know that people will try to find your accounts.
  2. I don't recommend buying from this guy as he created his account yesterday and suddenly has tons of accounts to sell. This is 100% the same dude who keeps making multiple aqn accounts. He finds accounts on the osu website and pretends to sell them, but he ends up giving info to a wrong account w/o full access. Devouch, don't buy from him. No one who creates an aqn account randomly has tons of accounts to sell.
  3. Unless the person is a trusted seller like Shyui or Asterisk, please DO NOT send money first. Ask for as much proof of account ownership as you can. Stop being idiots. I’ve had 3 people come to me and tell me that the same dude made multiple aqn accounts and scammed them. If you’re a new seller on aqn, and you’re selling an account that isn’t 8kpp or higher, at this point you need to show proof of account ownership first. If you don’t want to need to show account ownership first, do the following: get your rep up, get vouches from old members, AND make sure your account isn’t less than a couple months old :D! You can also use a high rep aqn user as a middle man! Don't be afraid to ask. To buyers: can ofc ignore what I’m saying and get scammed out of your money, but I suggest you don’t do so 😄 To sellers: you can also try accepting g&s payments via paypal from kinda high repped members (5+ rep) AND at least half a year old. This is pretty much for your safety and security and for the buyers' safety. Stop being dumb :D!
  4. -rep scammed my friend supposedly
  5. bruh


    Help I lost my account!
  6. bruh

    relax osu cheat

    bring back old relax
  7. -rep this retard scammed my friend and blocked him lmao
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