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  1. The account was from 2013, that was just a beginning offer. Your counter offer was $3 so I replied with no thank you and removed you. How is this scamming?
  2. What did I do @oexez sorry. I haven't scammed anyone.
  3. Zed den Houting#4394 is my discord. :)
  4. My discord is Zed den Houting#4394 w
  5. Zed

    Welcome Kicita!!

  6. Zed

    Hello all!

    I thank both of you! I'll enjoy my time here 😄
  7. Zed


    Hello! I've seen people make liveplays and sell them here, and I think I could do that. I'm a 3 digit, and I can use any mod on any map to your need! (I'm very good at playing with the Auto mod if you want a FDFD DT play!). I'd be very happy to do it for cheap, and if I'm happy, free! My discord is Zed den Houting#4394 🙂
  8. Zed

    Hello all!

    Hello! I'm Zed. How are you doing? Have you eaten today? If you have any dirty dishes or laundry in your room you should take them out now! I'm very excited to be here
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