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  1. 1 year old (december 2017), #20k osu, 10d playtime, 5k pp, top pp plays 280-340 have cheated for all month old plays just not interested in game anymore and want money for csgo cheat sub price $50 idk how much these go for u can offer its my main account nobody else had but if you do buy you gotta go first, idk how to prove im not a scammer lol LMK
  2. Buy it now price
  3. i know you said PM with offer but got a BIN?
  4. uwu


    owo uwu uwu still buying
  5. uwu


    ya yeet
  6. I'm really pissed.. Restricted again. All my plays total to 0 pp. It says my profile was applied and I randomized everything. I used a VPN. I didn't even cheat. Why do I get these instantaneous bans?
  7. Should I just create a new account with the Dejavu? Or will I get the same problem..
  8. I did, I created a new profile and selected to randomize everything (MAC, UID< serial) Usually, I would get a serversided error when trying to log into a new account, but it didn't when I had the profile selected so I assumed it must've worked. Idk why it banned me after 1pp..
  9. I am new to Aquila, but I bought Dejavu because I wanted to be unbanned. I used it once, and after a *1 pp* play I got restricted? Am I not supposed to leave the AQN loader open while playing or something? I have a new IP when I used this..
  10. Ok i paid for 1000 tokens and it worked, thanks
  11. So if I buy 1000 aquila tokens it will be enough for the $10 dejavu and enlighten?
  12. When I click to place order it says The transaction would drop the debited balance below the minimum allowed amount.
  13. I don't need Enlighten. Just DejaVu. I want to play legit but my uniqueid is banned and apparantly this is the only safe way to get unbanned..
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