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  1. seems like a good deal GL also, country?
  2. Did you create them? Currently I offer 25$
  3. Yo so I need an account that I can use without getting banned for 200-300pp plays Must be from eu probably only countries Czech republic/Slovakia but I guess there is a way to change the flag anyways. Looking for pretty bad accounts, nothing expensive.
  4. Give me any of your contacts then. Skype maybe
  5. you can contact me here on forum or at discord dexus#7318
  6. Hey Im done with osu for now. Im not the original creator. I bought it 3 months ago. However, you will get the original email. Age: ~1year Rank: 65k LVL: ~100 PC: 7k No cheats used. Bought it for about 20$pp, looking for 15$pp or ~20$ csgo skins STATUS: SOLD
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