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  1. Tell Rumoi about it, maybe he can whitelist you. However, you might need to verify that your laptop and your PC actually belong to the same person, so you are not sharing the cheats with someone else.
  2. OK, already sold from another thread.
  3. I would sell this account for 5 Euros, since it has only 80 hours, and a PC of 4k. This is not a serious account to play on, but for trolling purposes, or whatever. DM me for more information. SOLD
  4. Potato mode gives you more FPS, basically.
  5. Enlighten should also be safe to use.
  6. As Klirikzzz said, they are already randomly generated, and you can just drag the slider to select a profile. However, there is a way to import your old profile into the newer version. So technically you could create a new profile in the same format and then import that. I am going to add that this is just a theory, and might not be safe to use at all, but who knows?
  7. Funny, how this thread turned into semi-drama. But yeah, not much more to be said about this offer, because it's quite clearly a scam.
  8. Oskar

    Relax Hack

    Generally, the loader and cheats are not suited for Windows 7, but you can go ahead and try. However, even if it should work, I do not recommend using Windows 7 as it has already caused issues in the past.
  9. So, did you DM Rumoi and he answered, but are still waiting on Kev's answer, or did you completely neglect Klirikzzz' advice and messaged Kev instead of Rumoi? Either way, let me ping @rumoi for you.
  10. I am doing the Fortnite dance right now! Epic!!!!!!! 😎
  11. You should be fine as long as you do not overdo it. A playback speed of 90-100 is okay.
  12. Oskar

    Relax hack

    First of all, no, you are not able to set an accuracy that the cheat will try to achieve. But you can set the Unstable Rate that Relax will try to aim for. In the Relax menu, you can find a blue bar which allows you to change the UR the cheat will have at the end of the play. You can choose any Unstable Rate from 50 to 250. The lower the UR, the higher the accuracy.
  13. Oskar

    Relax hack

    Additionally, you are also able to change the UR of the cheat. In order to get your final unstable rate simply multiply the set value by ten. So, for example if you have an UR of 13 set in the cheat, then you will hit some 100s (depending on the OD of the map), and get a final unstable rate of approximately 130.
  14. You cannot play with Flashlight while having Legacy mode enabled. However, you can disable the Legacy mode and customize the skin overlay that is automatically activated when playing with Flashlight and Enlighten. The reason for that is that the skin cannot be seen during streams, because it serves as an overlay. The green dot that indicates the location of the proximate circle is not detected. You will be fine using it.
  15. Make sure to disable your antivirus including Windows Defender. Try opening it again, and if that does not work, upgrade to Windows 10 or ask Rumoi directly. If latter is the case, either one of us or he will know what to do. Good luck!
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