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  1. Make sure to disable your antivirus including Windows Defender. Try opening it again, and if that does not work, upgrade to Windows 10 or ask Rumoi directly. If latter is the case, either one of us or he will know what to do. Good luck!
  2. Oskar

    Fake a LivePlay

    There are certain ways to fake key input using green screen, or external key input programs.
  3. Yes, you should have Wait Late enabled. As far as I know, it supports slower aim, which is helpful in many cases. Since you are in the top 30k, I would suggest an unstable rate of 14 or higher. Alternatively, you can also set it to a lower value such as 12, and then press CTRL to get earlier hits (and 100s), or ALT to get later hits (and 100s).
  4. It would look very strange when suddenly changing your playing style during a map, which is likely why Rumoi or Kev are not implementing that. For the rebinding, I guess you could bind CTRL and ALT to Mouse 4 and 5 as well, since you initially suggested those mousebuttons. I agree with the Disable Key, since it does look very suspicious in streams or spectator mode when you give up, but Relax continues to click. Although I am not sure whether he cheats or not, this happened to the controversial player WhiteCat. He once randomly stopped on a map, but he continued to click. Of course, people assumed this to be solid evidence of him cheating, and I agree with that. It was very suspicious.
  5. Oskar


    Howdy mate, You most likely set a very suspicious play and got restricted. There are really five options now: Contact support right now and tell them you were not cheating. (Success Rate: ~ 2%) Contact support three months after your restriction and apologize for cheating and everything else. Do not multi account in that time. (Success Rate: ~ 90%) Play offline. (Success Rate: ~100%) Play on private servers. (Sucess Rate: ~100%) Simply multi account with DejaVu and a VPN in order to spoof your identity. (Success Rate: ~95%) Good luck with that, See you
  6. Haenzel Minecraft QSG!

    1. Franz


      LOL do you know him? xD

    2. Oskar


      I used to play Quick Survival Games on GommeHD.net, like two years ago. That was fun, only that I sucked. xD

      Yeah, in turn, I know some players, like him or Qlow; the usual suspects...

    3. Franz


      Yeah, I met qlow on August at the Gamescom, a nice dude, and I was haenzels Designer for a quite time 😄

  7. Oskar


    What is a good .NET obfuscator? I tried ConfuserEx, but I have never used anything worse than it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I am considering buying an osu! account. It should have at least 30 hours of playtime, and a playcount of 3000! If you consider selling an account in the range described above, then message me on Discord: Oskar#0220. I consider a price of five to fifteen dollars, anything in this range is fine. Think about what you can buy from this amount of money. That is enough for one subscription. Thank you! 🙂
  9. Oskar

    Ingame Keybind

    Maybe a custom key bind that you can change? And, also I do not think that besides your tapping, a key bind does not really change your playstyle. Yeah, I understand that it can confuse people, but it would still be a cool addition.
  10. Oskar

    Ingame Keybind

    Hello, This is just a quick thread. However, is it possible to add a key bind that can toggle off Relax DURING a song? This would enable many players to turn it off when they randomly just do not want to play a song anymore, but Relax continues clicking. Not only does it help in these areas, but it will also show many other uses, outside of what I have described above. Thank you, Jakob
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