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  1. Yeah why not try this method since its WAYYY easier. Maybe you need to do that two new files method because u cant play the map? that shouldnt be done in the first place, play in ur skill level
  2. Hey guys can you stop selling stolen accs. or when I actually play on an acc you guys just steal it back ive spent 300+ on accs kys pls:D you make an email similar to the account name so its like a personal acc hihi xd kys pls how desperate r u guys for money. found out my multi acc is disabled 6x from sellers stealing it back lul (unlucky)
  3. Enlighten is fine but timewarp is a whole different story
  4. ppisadrug

    Silent Aim

    Use spun out lol
  5. I think its better to use replay editor, since using timewarp is so obvious in multi if your setting is lower than 98% speed.
  6. Silent aim is blatant. I recommend to leave everything off except direction prediction. Please use the settings over here and adjust your Max BPM Stream for your rank. Hope this helps 🙂
  7. Always launch AQN at streamer mode at first. osu! just crashes for me if i run it without streamer mode so yeah it'll take a few tries
  8. its probably safer to use dejavu if you're still multi accounting
  9. I just got my liveplay. He's a trustworthy fellow 😄 the quality of the vid is nuts too
  10. Fast seller easy to work with thanks for the account!
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