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  1. This user doesn't even have a subscription. Is simply using dejavu too difficult? Anyway, a little common sense is enough (which you don't seem to have)
  2. I think it depends on the config dude
  3. Remember that with a new account there are automatic restrictions. In case you have been heavily banned in the past (ip etc ...) remember to set all the things to evade the ban
  4. wwWw


    Doesn't change the fact the scam is a crime even if is only 10 usd. Too late. I don't like your way of managing things and money, for me we can say goodbye here
  5. wwWw


    Are you sure you don't want to peacefully solve this question? From my point of view, you will lose more than me. Since of course you will lose these 10 usd, a customer (forever) and who knows what else. Which then I could also hide my identity and still have access to your products but since I do not have this great interest and there are other better sites that sell cheats for osu. It's your decision. You can simply unlock my account or take the consequences (Not to mention the fact that the scam is a crime and a lawyer does not cost 10 usd) @rumoi
  6. wwWw


    What this does actually mean? If this ever happened, it was because of the problems with the software you sell (i mean the payment) so is not my fault. It depends on how you want to solve it. Since you are the administrator @rumoi
  7. wwWw


    I don't think the problem is due to the password, however I tried to change it but it still gives me the problem. Maybe is because of the server (?) Does the loader work for you?
  8. wwWw


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