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  1. i know guy from cs go that selling cracked nordvpn accounts , i want to buy it too but im 2 poor and i got restricted mode rip me lol
  2. What is dejavu lol help, i get banned only one time ...
  3. tbh , i want to say somthing in my multiaccount list ( i created .txt file on my pc where i got login / pass to all multiaccounts) ****** < this account was created in 2016 on my old toaster (my old LG laptop lol) when i created it the points was not counted in pp , it was counted in "m" milions i think However i can play osu!multi and ect i forgot about it but when i create on this forum topic in night when i was on toilet i remembered that i create this acc so i fast turn on my pc and create new user in windows 7 (r.i.p win7 2020) and create m
  4. can someone help me to wrote osu appeal? i got restricted for replay bot ...
  5. I dont account sharing , i just use replaybot on multiaccount I dont send short appeals i send them long appeal before and i didnt send it here What i should do when i want to play on same pc? how i can change ip?
  6. So i got banned from Osu! about 1.5 Years. I got banned for shit replay bot that i downloaded from youtube XD i created 3 alt acc and no ban But when i was cheating on alt i got restrict on all accounts! Screenshot of my main under : So i send them appeal about my ban. osu!support say that i need to wait 3 months lmao. ok. I waited 4 months and they say that my appeal time send still not passed. so i waited 0.5 years and they say that i need to send full history and account. So i typed that im was replay bot downloaded on youtube video. Th
  7. Tez mam bana w osu i dlatego chce kupic konto , jest jakis sposob aby zalozyc nowe cz cos aby nie dostac bana lub jak je wyfarmic aby nie dostalo auto bana
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