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  1. PM him via the webiste, "The one we're on now" with the credits available in your balance It's $150
  2. +1 on this and +1 on Fluffy's Comment - Hit error bar - Show spectators.
  3. 1. When you're viewing replays the time should not continue to be warped. (Im not sure how possible this is) 2. Time warp should be momentarily disabled on spinners or given the option to "Spinners stay normal speed" A lot of people tend to get caught time warping spinners, so this would be quite useful, instead of having to fake a spinner.' 3. When you change the speed on Time warp, I don't think it should affect the AR set in enlighten, Examples: If I apply DT with Enlighten enabled, and my enlighten AR=9.7 it would make the enlighten AR=10.8 but I think it should stay as 9.7
  4. When using enlighten both legacy settings off. Can we please get the "green dot" for whenever we miss a slider end.
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