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  1. Thereni lol. I use 30-35ms latency/cursor smoothing so yes, my aim is naturally slow. I snap to the circles very late yet very fast . Its the way ive always played up until 5k pp when i decided to cheat cuz fuck it. I actually have made all my plays look pretty damn human like with the old ctrl, beileve it or not. Update: I set my UR to the mid 20s and hold down ctrl or alt and nothing happens at all.... lol
  2. If you could make all updates optional then that would be cool. I honestly prefer the last version of AQN relax compared to the new one you just released
  3. Hi. Ever since i got the new update, holding control or alt keys in game doesnt work anymore.. I really enjoy that feature tbh.. its useful to be able to force 100s and 50s. If there is a fix let me know. Thanks
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