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  1. I use it since it was detected with aim assist but still not banned, I don't play osu anymore so I don't care
  2. (I use google traduction) 1 : it might be nice to modify the key to open the gui in game instead of "home" so as not to get caught as "spare" 2 : remove the big message when you deactivate the relax hack in game (CTRL) , so as not to be detected during lives or videos, that would be nice I hope you will have understood good game!
  3. https://github.com/HoLLy-HaCKeR/osu-HOPE ?????????
  4. I go scammed by shifted 35€ in paypal Discord : shifted#6616 AQN profile : https://theaquila.net/index.php?/profile/4075-ekero/ Proof :
  5. looking for a cheap OSU account for good price. I already got scam by Lionz#0420 so I would like to have proof of reliability before buying I have paypal My discord : Near#9999 (FULL ACCESS ACCOUNT)
  6. good seller !  vouch 

  7. Good question
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