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  1. it works thank you : ) @rumoi
  2. when i press preview enlighten nothing shows up? and the ui skin doesnt work for me. not sure what im doing wrong but if someone can help me id appreciate it and also if the map ar of the song is 9 is it okay to use ar "8.50-8.88"? and what does cs override do?
  3. feetxo

    OG Soundcloud

    soundcloud.com/fighter 10 paypal
  4. feetxo


    ill buy i messaged on dc
  5. Want an acc with high pp count and stuff. lmk plz
  6. I’ll cop but what does std mean lol I’m lost
  7. Okie yeah I’ve seen it but didn’t it don’t know how to use it
  8. Sounds good so I have to run dejavu and that slot every time I open up osu correct?
  9. How do I use that?
  10. I want an account that has a good amount of pp so I don’t get banned since I’m hwid banned already on bancho and using osu relife as a spoofer and don’t wanna do small ass pp/rank maps till I reach the certain amount of pp so I won’t get banned right off the start.
  11. mainly want an account on ripple. since im banned on bancho, or if theres any hwid spoofer lmk ill buy.
  12. i can do a liveplay for you. lmk pm me
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