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  1. i'm pretty sure it's still being updated, just to make it work
  2. yes, it's detected, looks like every module
  3. gets you 3090 basically
  4. if still not working try launching using phone hotspot
  5. redownload cheat, update windows, update all drivers
  6. you don't have better quality of that?
  7. "home" button not working?
  8. Probably better to make a new one rather than updating one from 2019 that is probably not relevant at all anymore.
  9. using the newest one, had to redownload it since I reinstalled the Windows
  10. After one of the last christmas performance updates my cheat stopped displaying the menu in the game, I have COMPABILITY mode disabled, tried with different modules like relax, timewarp etc tried unplugging one of my monitors, trying to inject in different game states (after playing map, in menu, in song selection),, installing extra drivers, and even REINSTALLING windows, none of it resolved the issue, I know that the cheat is working because it restarts the map twice at first launch it's just that the home button does nothing, even when the cheat is loaded the menu is not showing up as it n
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