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  1. rainluka


    Does this hack work on Ubuntu (linux)?
  2. is it possible to cheat not to get caught with timewarp in ctb tournament?
  3. but it is very very hard to detect timewarp in ctb anyway, why not
  4. it would be good if i will be able to lower speed to, for example 40, because it becomes very hard to pass 8-9* maps in ctb even on 50 speed.
  5. what cheats do you recommend for ctb? is timewarp full legit for ctb?
  6. i never played ctb before, and for fun today i decided to play 4* map with 0.6x speed, 99% from 1 attempt. I think, timewarp is so good for this mode
  7. as i understood, timewarp if fulllegit 100% for ctb even with 50 playspeed, am i right?
  8. i think, timewarp is very comfortable cheat for ctb
  9. does replay editor works for taiko? and if yes, its 100% undetectable?
  10. How to leave a review about product
  11. and last question how to open menu while im in streaming mode? i try to press home, but nothing happens
  12. thanks! and how works "aim assist" that is in misc section?
  13. oh what speed is legit in taiko? 0.7 for nomod normal? and 1.1-1.2 for dt
  14. yes, i know if i set play speed 100 while dt mod enabled, the game will be like nomod?
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