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  1. I accidentally loaded cheat again while using dejavu the game got automatically closed can they detect this and get me banned?
  2. It got fixed after a few hours. works fine now
  3. it worked fine for about 2 months and today I reinstalled windows and now whenever I try to load the cheats it just close osu without any notification.
  4. Forgot to use dejavu and logged in. (Used VPN) Didn't actually log in and said I have to verify my identity to play online and i closed the game immediately.
  5. I'm only gonna use 1 account
  6. +If I make a new account instead of buying a account using dejavu and get a new PC + change IP + play without dejavu can i get banned?
  7. If I buy a friend's account(registered in 2018) and play with dejavu + vpn for a few months and get a new PC + change IP and play without dejavu is it still possible to get banned?
  8. And the timewarp doesn't even work
  9. My cheat doesn't looks like the video and looks like some old UI? I want the Cheat UI to be on the right. How do i fix it?
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