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  1. Im pretty sure aqn only excisted since 2017-2018 lol
  2. I prefer below 50k but above is fine MrElon#0688
  3. oh im fuckign retarded, this is possible lmfaooo im sorry. like the other guy said, turn of legacy and it will work.
  4. I dont think we have this option, it would be a pretty cool thing though. I could actually play taiko this way, fuck taiko.
  5. Enlighten, i like to play legit other then the fact i change the AR.
  6. Motherboard, just use aqn dejavu its not worth it buying new parts to get banned again lol
  7. Please use a middle man if anyone even would buy this lol..
  8. Depends on the age of the account, you wont be auto-restricted but you will be reported and banned if you set a 500pp on newer account or a account that isn't at that skill level.
  9. This has to be a joke.
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