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  1. Im only giving him what worked for me. Like its not a big deal if he set a 3* map with %80-85 acc 7-10 misses, like its only gonna be 15-20pp but if he go crazy and fc it then yeah that's obvious :v
  2. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

  3. when i used to pay via paypal it was automatic. Not so sure about the bitcoin. Try to DM @rumoi or @Kev
  4. Trust me i do, but you know that if you're flagged then you're flagged. Playing with cheats or without cheats at this point doesn't matter. but im just talking about what's happening for me and keeping you guys updated about the bans. Like atm i have 4 high tier accounts that's ranked around 3k-10k i just logged out after submitting few score. they were getting injected since the 24th Jul. every single day (not sure if they're flagged or not) but if they are then ye. but you never know. and i also tested a bunch of 10k-50k-100k-500k accounts that i own (also not sure if they're flagged or not) all good so far. im not saying its Safe to play but im just giving out info. Also one last thing. There's no %100 clear evidence that accounts are getting flagged. ppl are just getting randomly banned (i mean the ones around 1k and above) but at the same time if you're one of those ppl that's extra careful and look for extra safety. Simply don't cheat. Edited: forgot to mention that i only Inject (Timewarp) Nothing else. So i can use Dejavu.
  5. i have a couple of test accounts that i haven't logged in like 3 days. i will login now and set a couple of plays and let you know if everything is ok.
  6. never knew there was a cracked version of AQN watafak :x
  7. Something ain't right. I just created an account as a test maybe they changed something in the system but No everything is fine. have you read this?
  8. ok can you please DM me or tell me here exactly what you did till you got banned? just walk me through the steps
  9. So obviously you need a HWID changer which is Dejavu and VPN (not necessary) the first thing you do when you log in is to play a a bunch of 3* maps with acc below %90 and dont get any amount of PP above 20. till you reach 50pp on your account then logout and log back in in 24 hours and then keep playing on the same 3* same acc till you reach 150pp this time and logout and log back in in 24 hours this time you can set double the amount of PP so 300 and the next day 600 and the next 1000 and you keep going up till you pass 1500 then you will be %80 on the safe side so you can start playing 4* and you go up from there, i highly recommend using a live pp counter so you dont mess up the submitted scores. I hope this helps, if you have any question feel free to ask.
  10. Not atm, Just give it a bit.
  11. waiting is better than getting scammed u.u
  12. its possible, can you please send me the skin you're using?
  13. unfortunately i don't trust anyone here except Rumoi, just contact the buyer and you both choose a middleman that you both agree on ^^
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