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Everyone will have to register a new account, if you had a subscription please use your email that you had on your old AQN account!

To transfer your old subscriptions you need the same email as your previous Aquila account as you register.


You can transfer subscriptions by clicking here once you have verified your email.

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  1. its pretty much an OBS thingy here's a tutorial how to set it up
  3. yeah thats what i mean disable enable thing and yup thats pretty much it
  4. stop being grumpy xDD lets hope it will happen
  5. please support bongo cat in relax :3 ty ❤️
  6. Oh i forgot...and it has 3 Ranked beatmaps played by high tier players wub and 2 others
  7. hmmm too much no? i got a 10yo one almost 11 651 hours with 17k play count 1.7K PP FOR $30 :l
  8. one of the best sellers i ever bought from fast and easy he also helped me to make the account work step by step +REP from me to this dude ❤️
  9. heyy i sent you a friend req my name is Niko ^^
  10. The thing is if i get 4k pp or 3600 to be exact i will be the #1 on my country like thats the thing..i already have an account with almost 3kPP and its all good and setup but this one the one i want to get it to 4k pp actually means alot to me but thank you guys for your time to reply i appreciate it!
  11. Hello reader ^^ Im currently at 1185PP and i want to reach 3700-4000PP in like 10 days or less, Is it possiable without getting restricted or noticed by Osu? Is there's any certain ways or maps or amout of PP's i should get a day? Like i saw people with only 10 hours and a play count of 300 and they got around 4k PP so just need a small advice because im afraid that i will play some map and get fc it or something and boom...restricted. Much love.
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